Ecstasy of silence and of being still Thrilling to the senses Discovering the secret languages Not loud, but profound World not disguised anymore Austerity shines brightly Symphony of eternity Happiness descends here Truly, and settles in the soul Silence is a unique composition For, who cares to listen Delicate notes have rhythm When worlds pulsate happily Birthed, a new realisation Stillness is candid and pure … Continue reading Continuity

Ethereal Beauty

The stillness is soul stirring A floating Moon dissolves slowly The halo disperses with the ripples Hushed ambiance narrates a story Senses are captivated with anticipation A feeling of euphoria in a tranced mind The body draped in an aureate robe Experiencing the creation in pure form Soul enraptured by the nightly tune Drink the divine potion from nature’s crucible Swoon over the ethereal beauty … Continue reading Ethereal Beauty

Insipid Life

We have ceased to be still As stillness is perceived to be laziness Constantly in motion Faster mobility and various destinations Never a dull moment Yet, we cannot savor the true essence The soul of the landscapes and skies Tranquil waters and forests Pleasing to the eyes but lacking vision Hurrying through life Without feeling the vigor of Nature With lethargic souls and hearts The … Continue reading Insipid Life