It is Literature

How well do you comprehend the ambiguity of literature? Often perceived to be fictional truth, an exaggerated manifestation of the conspiring emotions which trouble the mind, it goes further to etch out a path to understand the passive anxiety. Writing may simply be the urge to chronicle the daily experiences (both significant and insignificant) the daily communications of human aspirations, failures, struggles, heartbreak and pursuits. … Continue reading It is Literature


Storytelling is nourishing for the soul. The plan is to stir up the solitude nurture the surrounding words with feelings. The intense communication at that moment emboldens them to narrate the stories fearlessly. Stories need that resilience and fearlessness to survive curious provocation, meanness, and unwarranted analysis. The arbitrary criticisms and conjectures will follow each story at the crucial juncture of changing social milieu. Storytelling … Continue reading Storytelling


How many windows would you settle for in a house? Whether they are open or closed, will speak of the weather and prevailing mood Would it be too distracting for the neighbourhood when light escapes through them? Distracting the passersby, when their eyes wish to see the road ahead clearly Hope, a house with many windows do not become a mysterious legend Perspectives change too; … Continue reading Windows


Those words will be in the archive one day. The important thing is that whether you would like to spend time in there to read them in a new light. After all, they are not only your words, but emotions and memories entwined as well. Stories close to the heart, when narrated with passion, evoke the same kind of attraction even in the cold attic, hoping … Continue reading Archived

Crumbling Stories

Some stories crumble under the pressure of expectations Within, there is a chaos which does not subside, but rage on fiercely Trying to tear apart the stories to influence the characters with fear It all starts with coercion and silent admonition; increases its intensity Taking away the supporting characters and coaching them new speeches To falter the dialogues and create a shameless mayhem with emotions … Continue reading Crumbling Stories

Endearing Night

Endearing night shares stories that have been forgotten in time Moon shines brighter and reflect a childlike wonder with eternity’s smile Listening to the stories erase distances and differences Universe assembles in a profound pattern to elucidate the meanings This light quenches the thirst of a mind wanting to know the stories Generous night stays a little longer to narrate them with equanimity Lingering freshness and enthused … Continue reading Endearing Night


It takes time to erase the tawdriness from the stories Perceive each anecdotal piece from many other angles Sometimes, one has to work beyond time and even forgetting about it To make the stories perceptive for them to appeal to the senses Coarse edges smoothen from the constant friction with life There are certain advantages of taking a stand over the wilful coercions Before constructing … Continue reading Trepidations