Inspired to Write and Endure

The overemphasized and romanticized simplistic narratives sans the daring stressors of creative freedom, from a space of prismatic distress of artistic insanity is to produce some bizarre mundanity in the artistic world. Why can’t we have a sudden euphoria of dandelions romancing the wind? Without intimacy with the brokenness, the experiences and exploration of human consciousness, the use of emotions beyond what is available in … Continue reading Inspired to Write and Endure

Tell Me A Story

“Once upon a time…” Stories rarely begin this way now Memories fade Storytelling has transformed, losing it’s art, the passion, because time is fickle There aren’t any storytellers, the crowds gathered elsewhere Stories will live, somehow, may be in our soul Till it weighs us down Tired and bored, we may rest again, find the connection Stories will have soul once again A storyteller’s pride, … Continue reading Tell Me A Story

Narrating the Reality

An unmasked reality finally meets the light Enjoying the dawn after a prolonged spell of darkness Joyous tears they are- reflections of freedom and gratitude A world settled there; precious drops sparkle Not entangled in the tentacles of an unworldly energy More secrets will be known through passionate tales Close your eyes for now; O’ satisfied soul, you can feel again Not merely glance at … Continue reading Narrating the Reality

The Course

Less importance to the noteworthy narratives Naysayers’ steer the discourse, which is coarse Straining and compelling everyone to relate To the unrelatable genre of outrageous stories Loudness frustrate the finer senses- chaotic Spasms of a world filled with futile conversations Contempt for reasons and daily chants of freedom Waiting for the world to renew the golden times Natures rhymes without careening out of control Looking … Continue reading The Course

The Fearful Intensity

Intense focus, those eyes contemplating on widespread anger There is a danger of burning the papers Creating a deep tunnel of fire through the future Only paper hold thoughts with care, without prejudice Now, there is a threat to the stories of yore Those who have failed to decode their meanings Match the higher intensity of the cryptic tales A discrepancy, superiority complex- have undone … Continue reading The Fearful Intensity

The Story of Stories

We look at a story, as a stranger does, after arriving at a new city; with curiosity and awe or instant dislike. It takes some time to absorb the essence of a new destination where the story originates from. An introvert’s narrative is mysterious and disguised in metaphorical embellishments. It is not the language barrier, but the inability to connect with the sentiment, history, and … Continue reading The Story of Stories

Inessential Time

Time meddling with this reality leaves everyone breathless There’s no respite from the busy detours and tortuous paths Complicated time unable to answer simple questions Transforming the mind into a careless narrator of stories Conspired by the shadow of a reality stolen from darkness’s womb Stories amateurishly plagiarised by careless storytellers Seeding doubts across the furrows of the earth Time eventually crinkles; chastised by moments … Continue reading Inessential Time

A Poet

Poetry emerges from the unknown world Rather forgotten due to the chaotic shifts Pushed away the lands of clear feelings To invite a world of ambiguities Maybe, called the feelings of metaphysical They exist and the poet finds credence  Poetry is like a mystical journey with feelings Conjures the spirit of life’s reality They still exist, but remain in anonymity Poet travels like a hermit to … Continue reading A Poet

Storytelling without Words

When I get weary of words I still compose narratives, in silence Wonder, who will have the patience to listen Interpret the intense storytelling through my eyes There are barriers for who cannot comprehend My storytelling continues for the ardent listener One who is content to listen carefully to the silence Communicating my innermost thoughts They reverberate with clarity in my heart Sometimes, the words … Continue reading Storytelling without Words