Nought! Utter those words, feel those emotions, they’re purely yours, takes courage to spill them over Already too much turmoil, spaces encroached with trivialities, a trick to lure, away from reality Whence do you gather that courage, a timely intervention to escape the prolonged drought Lines and passages do not have a promised contract, literary journeys are lonely; face your own chaos Not the best … Continue reading Incentives


There is a true sense of freedom in solitariness. It is about giving a chance to a soul to strengthen itself to realise a greater purpose of existence. A worthwhile time or moments to discriminate between the useful and unpurposeful thoughts. It is necessary to discriminate and challenge the frivolous thoughts that occupy the mind and drives it towards insanity that disguises itself in vanity. … Continue reading Solitary


Those ill-fitting shoes may give too much space Or, extremely tight, causing bunions Hands that tanned the leather altered their nature Shaped according to the journey Laces as harnesses, who ever dreamt of manoeuvring Through the hostile terrains and vulnerability Weathering the downpour Filled to the brim, while attending to the Trench feet Excesses take revenge on exposed skin Waiting for the Sun; recuperating may … Continue reading Shoes

Eternity’s Hope

Freedom hibernates at the precipice of faulty reasoning Amaranthine fusion with the soul won’t relinquish just yet Handing over the red carnations from an endless bouquet of hope Waiting for that warm kiss to rescue those sighing emotions Honouring that oath taken in the presence of cosmic Spirit Time does not have the strength to ravage resilient mantra Cosmic incantations can heal the debilitating fractures … Continue reading Eternity’s Hope

Hymn of Life

Deeply rooted, entwined with the expansive ecosystem It gets the strength to stand upright and reach for the skies Even when darkness engulfs the boughs and leaves go to slumber At eventide, there is this greater significance to introspect in solitude Communicate with the roots to prevail through uncertain times Underground is invaded by profound travelers to seek knowledge Splitting the ground and fracturing rocks, paving … Continue reading Hymn of Life

Alien Existence

In the world of expectations An urge to fall back for support Trying to garner some identity Mirrors become faceless Lost identity cloaked with falsity The true world and belief Erodes with time and external definition Transforming the world With designs devised by others Lost identity and residue of hope Leaves the soul without a face Alien identity inflicts the core of existence Mind crumbles … Continue reading Alien Existence