Trifling Moments

Tinkering with the consciousness Lies that have been backed by reasons Denying the enthralling seasons Approaching truth with cautiousness Worrying for the better part of youth About the decisiveness and control Unaware of the philosophies of truth On a hackneyed day, time does not roll Gurgling incessantly about the troubles Daily strife to win the competitive scuffles ~Amitav Continue reading Trifling Moments

The Unfortunate Surrender

With vile force, you overthrow the chances; the broken promises won’t be mended Breathing laboriously to remain active in the midst of the traditional strife Rising every day with a taste of bitterness- an aftertaste of the poisonous drinks Breaking down the relationships, and burning down the dwellings of hope Standing on the undulating ground… a strong vengeance of the earth’s stirrings Deep down the … Continue reading The Unfortunate Surrender


The furore started with the incitement of a rumour Thundering voices gathered somewhere added to the clamour Incendiary remarks, shouting in unison- how rage unites the crowd Unfortunate, that life is disgraced, and bluntly it feels cowed Earthquakes of human unrest unsettle the foundation of life Pride, like stubborn armours, tests the resilience of such strife The daring dream of annihilating civilization to fuel the … Continue reading Misadventures


Amidst widening dreams, there are shrinking landscapes Viewless euphoria to camouflage the prevailing emotions Whispering heart unable to decipher the heartless transformations In the meantime, the wind is crowded with uncontrollable fear Mankind’s folly or a fate unraveled by constant indignation Whispers escape through the gaps and unheard for ages Unceremonious freedom thrust upon an unassuming journey Favoured greed push aside life for the love of … Continue reading Unwishful

Empty Voices

Echoes the empty voices  With conviction and pride Offering golden moments Gilded with arrogance Warring minds demarcate Boundaries of existence Weak warriors battle Inner conflicts amplified A profound stage desecrated Burlesque drama unfolds Mere exhibitionism Memorised dialogues  Solemn heart forced Plunges into uncertainty Flows the sentiments Conceited river course Maliciously erodes life Befriends illegitimate ideas Estate of controversy Have willful defaulters  ~Amitav  Continue reading Empty Voices


When feelings are forced to travel through compromised helixes Sending subliminal coded messages to be a reclusive bon vivant   Crawling and maneuvering with ludicrous contortions of original ethos Incessant buzz of designed wings gives a sense of freedom  Compromised lives are breached by the parasitic ideas to feed on  Incapacitates the mind to blunt the effectiveness of neurons Appendages distort the symmetry of codes and flaws are … Continue reading Perplexing

Heart Becomes Weary

Heart becomes weary When love becomes a fantasy An imagination born out of deception The heart sways between tow worlds- Chastising the truth and encouraging the lies Such moments of euphoric gratification The world shrinks and becomes an island Surrounded by the strong flowing desires Wrenching the heart of true love, slowly Finally, the heart is weaned away forever On the island of despair Marooned … Continue reading Heart Becomes Weary