As Night Retires

The night must have thought before parting ways with dreams They cannot rest here forever, it’s morning’s wish to lead them elsewhere How sublime the night was and dreams unreal descended here Cared for till the Earth taught them to speak in a language known to the senses Hoping, the turmoil won’t affect their spirit with some persistent malaise Morning assuages the fears of dreams … Continue reading As Night Retires

Inviting the Dawn

The solemn night retreats slowly Folding the sheets of silence and gloom Revealing the grandeur of dawn Sublime beauty is the blush of morn Crimson light swathe the glistening contours Solemn places, now awake with splendor The landscape adorned with infiniteness of love Souls awaken with tender kisses of morning light It’s an embrace to ensure the early dweller Heart is enthralled by the reverberating divine … Continue reading Inviting the Dawn

Salubrious Thoughts

Harness the forces of Nature Survive the ever-changing clime As travelers visiting different regions Through rough terrains and valleys Mountains and deserted landscapes Vertical heights and deep abysses Across deep waters and shallow brooks Under the Nature’s canopy Dreams of the wandering soul Many starry nights and solitary moments Hold on to the salubrious thoughts World is but a shadow of a divine place Decipher … Continue reading Salubrious Thoughts

Solitary Wanderings

Sublime dreams of mystical wanderings Thoughts that are considered delirious A soul propelled through the spiraling consciousness Away from the blanket thoughts of mundane ramblings Aimless and an idle soul respects the timeless fervor Silence means a world swathed in eternal light of truth There are moments of euphoric feeling on oneness Adopted by the entire universe as its own being Feeling alive with the … Continue reading Solitary Wanderings

The Azure Infinity

The azure infinity Gives color to life Inspiration for many Especially dreamers Like me and you Eulogized with words Brilliant imageries painted The canopy of wilderness Wish for wings maybe Once, to fly with freedom Till then let’s dream And take a plunge Feel the infinity, here Let the azure reflection Mesmerize forever Many more words Will paint the mystery With certain romanticism Love for … Continue reading The Azure Infinity

Love and Despair

Love is vulnerable when it hides behind a façade and masquerades in a world filled with doubts and delusions. Somewhere, hidden between the layers of expectations, love transforms into a word. The emotions and feelings of the soul are diluted and become adulterated. It’s never the tranquil and sublime flow of pure consciousness between two awakened souls, anymore. There occurs turbulence and waves of discontent that … Continue reading Love and Despair