Departing from the truth, a servile temper that is uncurable Vile souls gather to influence the course of a disgraceful journey Twisted counsels of the darkest hours under the spell of the devious magician It’s no fairytale; a severe wave misleads the mind to incoherent choices Wounds do not heal anymore as the spurious balms seep deeper to torment Intense burning sensation spreads everywhere in … Continue reading Departing

Lust for Power

It’s not the power one wants The subtle satisfaction to control When life transforms as expected Deep-rooted subliminal lust for power To manipulate or force into submission Many ploys are devised to command There is always a dichotomy about life Fumbling, when one tries to comprehend Living off the extremes of views of power All born equal, till manipulations divide Many fault lines and deep … Continue reading Lust for Power