Listless Things

Lack of sense in sensible things- all things have been grouped  It has become a thing to stretch the groups from the sycophantic amalgamation Of all things, emotions and their being is also at the centre of controversy Scarce reflections, creepy deflections, foul breath torment the blooming ones Painted alluringly, the colours of subservience steal the independence of eyes Garrulous groups gather to gossip and … Continue reading Listless Things

Confined by Thoughts

The army of thoughts Guarding the mind like sentinels Giving orders to the mind A barrage of unwarranted diktats Subservient mind cannot think Unaware of the feelings The barren heart can feel no more Showing the emotions To mollify the powerful influences The heart and souls seek an escape From the hardened mould Paradise without the bloom There is no aroma of life Induced thinking … Continue reading Confined by Thoughts