There is No time

Looking at it Without looking into it Satiating the consciousness Only superficially Deciding confidently Decoding surfaces Confident hubris Eye rolls Complicated stares Distorted languages Particles play truant Changed patterns Capsized reality There’s no time To look into it ~Amitav Continue reading There is No time

Something Superficial

The acts of superficiality become a formidable cage after some time Tightly wound in a convoluted pattern The wired patterns strangle the real essence Immense effort of the toiling minds behind the deeds Time, twisted and forced to a grotesque meaning, crooks reality Delicate senses just evaporate like the fine fragrance Unable to bear the cunning dilemma between life and utter vanity Split images, reflections … Continue reading Something Superficial

Real Existence

Where is that secret book where the designs of the Universe was conceived? If the writing is incomprehensible and the narrator of those esoteric words is sleeping Humanity may not be acquainted with the unusual grammar  The cryptic sentences may have been a deliberate attempt to secure them from pilferage Of human greed and the propensity to destroy any evidence of eternal Truth Using the … Continue reading Real Existence


Stirrings of transient memories stream through the mind Sensations on the skin trickle down to wake up forgotten dreams Worldly desires have a firm grip on the heart till last breath Influentially chronicles the fate on earth with an invisible ink Differentiating the journey on realised terrains that contradict Features that will be crafted with ideologies of superficial consciousness Dancing around in perpetual inebriated state … Continue reading Transient


Body’s hidden desires  Disguised from the mind  Heart becomes a brigand Judgemental errors of superficiality Blindfolded and ignorant Allows sensationalism to persist Appearance is deceptive There’s no mercy for deceived Soul has been declined any say Passions fuel emotions There’s more to experience Insatiable and irrational Body seeks pleasure Life relegated towards misery Delusional freedom Least known about life There are hidden stories Beyond appearances … Continue reading Delusions

Modern Significance

The striking firmness of streets cuts across menacingly Designed to scamper through the fate of life and join the mainstream chaos Blocks arise from the depths of unknown foundations, creating an identity Sometimes named, otherwise given a special numerical and alphabetical symbols Streets are built to suffer from the daily trampling by numerous feet and automobiles Life that is also planned according to the level … Continue reading Modern Significance

Face-to-face with a Mirror

The mirror has a glossy façade Reflecting the ultimate truth Mirror gazes at your soul Thus the image of your being The deeper thoughts and nature Sometimes the uneasy truth Staring at you for an answer Or, may be some soul searching Long forgotten world, neglected In the busy world of superficiality A world agonizing for attention Birthed from divine powers Now, it’s a mere … Continue reading Face-to-face with a Mirror