How It Unfolds

Make them so weak, they become extremely violent! Most of the opinions are unjustifiable, and actions take place after the consent from suspicious sources. Surviving on the spurious thoughts is not a dream anymore; an existential norm. The impunity with which misdirected minds are attracted to fatal thoughts unsettles the individual, as well as, the entire ecosystem of existence. Once a doubtful entrant, the expanding … Continue reading How It Unfolds

The Uncomfortable Zone

It is not about the silence, but the tone it bears You can be artful in dealing with everyone’s emotions Unaware of the feelings that perish within In the eternal scope of existence, only animosity Tireless agitations and evolved heartless comments A kind of leap towards oblivion… unavailable spaces This silence is fatal; follows an unbecoming end Trite race, uncomfortable silence, and regret None can … Continue reading The Uncomfortable Zone

Difficult Space

Unapologetic objects jostle for space They have been established to vie for glory All-weather skin- nothing penetrates Especially the critical thoughts and woes Of human emotions and subtle dreams Once they hit the walls, they are turned away Dwelling in them, decorating the corners Is a suffocating experience- but that’s a reality Perrenial storms of ego and angst Among vitriol and fight for existence There … Continue reading Difficult Space

When Thoughts are Determined

It requires a self-determined mind to cultivate your thoughts, only that is your own, which is not affected by biases. When it is time to consolidate your thoughts, do not give on to the immense pressure of diluting the individuality with majoritarianism. It is foolishness to feel privileged in an environment that changes every millisecond. The particles which compose a thought are unique in that … Continue reading When Thoughts are Determined

Differences and Consequences

Perennially haunted by the general views Evolved dreams from the negatives of life Differences are all the same with different hues It’s discreet, but the gaps continuously widen Interweaving the prejudices into a fine mesh Within the fixed structures of supremacy Gross judgmental errors widen the chasm Differentiating the differences with legitimacy Passive aggression is the way to feebly challenge Possibilities to weaken and erode … Continue reading Differences and Consequences

Sense of Hegemony

A false sense of hegemony Flares from the deep-rooted insecurity The strength is not in the numbers Or, being in perpetual state of fear Strength resides in an aware mind Away from the pillars of institutionalization Adapting to change and widening horizons Sometime cocoons won’t help metamorphose It becomes the darkest corner of the world There is only ‘now’ that is the only reality And … Continue reading Sense of Hegemony

Idea of Supremacy

The whole idea of supremacy is an aberration. Believing in the idea that one is inferior proves there is an inherent fear to be challenged. Real freedom comes, when one has no fear of losing and do not compare their way of life with others. Gaining satisfaction from comparisons is a reflection of weakness and defeats the sole purpose of life itself. Attitude and approach … Continue reading Idea of Supremacy