Sound of Night

The night’s dead, but the thumping heartbeats reverberate As if trying to wake up and connect to another sleeping reality Somewhere they were pushed back, defeated, and treated poorly Skirmishes are frequent, disruptions and obfuscation of emotions Poisoned with unreal expectations; evil starts spawning in the heart Foul spirits descend during the surreptitious times, fear lurks near A kind of destiny raises its several heads, … Continue reading Sound of Night


Being late in waking up after a troubled night The world already breathes feebly in the soft light Signs of life, the ones who will be forgotten As the day progresses, the natural feelings recede Smokescreen of illusions separate the world Within, there is a slow resurgence of regret From the inability to imagine with a free will Not long ago, everyone would escape into … Continue reading Unsafe

The Pigments

While checking the papers, there were some extra pigments It was not about glancing through the words, but also reading them with intent Carefully, the other hues appear magically Travelling through another dimension of my existence Here, my reality is, but there, my reality was- the memories retained the colours Feeling exposed! As if the entire world has transformed into a glass orb Bright lights … Continue reading The Pigments

Of Sleep

Sleep folded neatly by the unseen hands of dreams Wintry and reluctant heart feels the cold cryptic night This ethereal moment seen with earthly eyes and dilemma Rest contradicts restlessness for sleep feels a celestial sorcery Slumberous eyes conceive a narrative from tenebrous allure Sweetness of night is like celestial nectar Comfort folds of sleep is willing to cradle the unquiet heart ~Amitav Continue reading Of Sleep

The Face

Not the archetypal face A reflection of a reflection Lights have a role to play Depending upon the wavelength  Myriad possibilities in emotions Face that was birthed in memory Maybe a dream or a Déjà vu When eyes shall meet again In reality, face to face Closed eyes could bring clarity To bring forth the experience Reality can be created With an imagination An entire universe … Continue reading The Face

The Azure Infinity

The azure infinity Gives color to life Inspiration for many Especially dreamers Like me and you Eulogized with words Brilliant imageries painted The canopy of wilderness Wish for wings maybe Once, to fly with freedom Till then let’s dream And take a plunge Feel the infinity, here Let the azure reflection Mesmerize forever Many more words Will paint the mystery With certain romanticism Love for … Continue reading The Azure Infinity

Philosophy of Unknown

A mystery is intriguing. Something that is mysterious always catches the attention of the mind and wants to explore more about it. Something obscure and without a plausible explanation is most likely to make one try to decipher the truth. Anything one cannot understand or remains a mystery becomes part of the legend. There are many incidents throughout history which were reported and investigated, but … Continue reading Philosophy of Unknown