Haggard thoughts infused with immense acerbic enthusiasm Broken gestures speak rude languages Honest narratives captured and greeted by dystopian sentiments Jugglery with sarcasm seems to be the passionate leisure Forced laughter slits the mouth; stormy languages gather momentum All the senses have retired; only rage and intolerance survive ~Amitav Continue reading Statements

Through Dreams

Dreams have struggled to stay afloat Immoralities drowned them in white noise Awry mind wishes to neaten the sleep Half-sunk eyes reflect through undulations Searching for freshness beyond the brine Possibilities keep alive the relevance When the horizon is suspended precariously One moment of truth can save the soul Scrawny branches of winter are far off One has to journey through different slumber ~Amitav Continue reading Through Dreams

It’s Strange

It’s not easy distilling the recurring struggles Stirrings of unnatural kind unsettle minds Fake smiles held up with deceitful manners A simulated environment of urgency activated Through persistent machinations  Fixed eyes unable to probe the sanctity of visions Inexplicable concentration of hateful sentiments Adulterate the mirthful essence of life Mocking with the wilful replication of errors No soul will be content within devious citadels  Discontent … Continue reading It’s Strange


Weak theories exaggeratedly postulated for consideration Blemished already by the underlying ignoble intentions Hordes of minds join the frenzy to aggrandize the stupidity Life is transforming into clinical definitions by witless ones Easy to garner support by the misleading grandiose plans  Revealed in parts and deliberate obfuscation of the entire idea Words and definitions are twisted to design crass suggestions Running around the premises of failures and there’s … Continue reading Circumstances


Deeply indebted to nature For the existence and survival Yet, we have the oldest enmity Even the slightest overgrowth Prompts humanity to lacerate The soul of such beauty Many wounds have been inflicted Humanity’s presence increased Dominating every acre that was conquered Footprints went haywire Tinge of delight on the false sense of victory More of a blot on the Karma Soon the crucible will … Continue reading Indebted