From Where They Emerge

What does not fit in, manifests itself boldly Ultimate clarity does not feel the urge to explain Cowardly criticisms run parallelly- they fail miserably The immensity of knowledge is not afflicted by trifles Grudgingly, they move on, slithering into an abyss Miserable feelings are like a hastily excavated woes From the roots of a venomous world, they flourish Pushing yourself from the precipice of suspicion … Continue reading From Where They Emerge


Doubt lurks in the conspired darkness Furtive looks scan the perimeter of ignorance Weakened digits incapable of counting infinity Abrased mind do not possess the elasticity- To be unprejudiced and energetic to seek beyond Toes curl up and dig into the ground Trying to find some balance and dignity to stand Wrapped in the suffocating bubble of egotism Intellect cramped for space and banished There … Continue reading Doubts


Nurturing fickle and facetious sentiments in the mind A heart becomes disengaged from sentience and wisdom Brazen thoughts infuse lethal doses to obliterate senses Seeds of lasciviousness and avarice establish a firm presence There is ultimate anarchy across the furrows of prescience  A life of frivolity loses trust in introspective judgement Ignorantly moving towards the lure of aggrandized servitude Moments of satisfaction sizzles for some … Continue reading Suspicious