Through the Window

He was fidgeting with the windows. Although it was morning, he wasn’t sure of welcoming the light. The room was pulsating with uncertain vibes. It was probably because of the kind of dreams he has been experiencing lately. Serene darkness did not make its way towards a simple path but deviated and crowded him with worrying dreams. The paroxysms were becoming intense; it was quite … Continue reading Through the Window

The Birds

The birds seem to have gathered innocuously One called the other, then in unison, then everyone responded They know how to create a rhythm Their wings have brought them here for a purpose Winds must have written some messages on them As scripts, they reveal the messages Their stare, sometimes unnerving They may be speculating over my curious expressions Probably, peering through my subliminal thoughts … Continue reading The Birds

Distorted Perspectives

How many poorly painted paintings can you display  Against the walls that are fragile and garishly coloured Promises of that utopian falsehood depicted in many ways Surrealism distorted, with every breath taken in haste Colours were wrapped in suspicious packages Enveloped with artificial sentiments and suspicious blends Overzealous promotions to join the league- symbolic fame Perspectives lack depth while crudely annotating  The medium of averages … Continue reading Distorted Perspectives


Doors with blank stares and contrived promises to keep away strangers Surreptitiously communicate their travails throughout the busy days Strangers with unrecognisable faces look through them with revulsion Intrusive beings do not care about the symbolism of privacy Yet, they extravagantly draw an ambitious imagery from arrogant thoughts Leasing out to ridiculous minds that can articulate lies with conviction Occupying the spaces with disdain and … Continue reading Doors

Face to Face

Real intentions hide behind masks Contours of malaise etched with symbolic colors Ruthless silence gleans from the soul of life The vibrant and mesmerizing aroma of happiness Lowly desires strangulate the sweet essence Cauterized skin bears signs of worldly wounds Malafide intentions weaken relations Amassed woes bury the intense feelings Every day, pinch of death numbs the mind Alas! Accomplishments are asymmetrical Afflictions of the … Continue reading Face to Face

Fictional Reality

Artificiality of intelligence is being simulated with deeper conviction Reality once derived at based on too much information and little interpretations Somehow, the instinct to create a make-believe world presenting a weak substitute Euphoria generated to synthesize every ounce of consciousness to fulfill wishes Desires run deep while creating indelible furrows of dissatisfaction across the skin Life is parodied and thrown in front of the … Continue reading Fictional Reality