Without the Words

When the words fall off from the mind Only neglect, and heaped with offensive unrest Reverberations of an antithetical tone Hunger of the soul becomes stronger There is no chance of filling the void Underestimating before understanding There is a hurried mindset that races unsafely Critical, clinical, cynical, and controversial A compromise too fatal; one unable to fathom Entire being sobs acerbic tears  Confidence, a … Continue reading Without the Words

Lost Essence of Love

Strong desires, mistaken for love To venture into an unknown adventure Without the grace and love’s brilliance Just an escapade through blind alleys A dream that carries the seeds of woes Delusional hearts want a moment’s pleasure Soon the truth will dawn The soul and heart will crouch in agony Leaving a pulsating pain all over  A delusional world plays with love Distorting it with the … Continue reading Lost Essence of Love