Missing Metaphors

Who owns time, take the responsibility of winding them, set them right, straightening time, or looping it around another epoch Only if that would be enough to take the conversations to a different direction, as if cosmic time giving a pulsating push to the consciousness Sullied gardens, ruined paths, detrimental languages and evaporating water-bodies, thirsty souls taking dangerous detours The Sun shines, but it’s fury … Continue reading Missing Metaphors

Synopsis of Lines

Few lines are drawn casually In different directions, demarcating nothing Unworthy marks, defacing spaces Indentations reveal the impact of temperament Every line is unique, illustrates different intensity Feelings of the spirit written in ciphers on aimless lines Indecisive mind ran amok across blank spaces Directions do not coordinate with any sufficient plan Trajectories of unrestrained and dissatisfied mind Few casual lines draw attention to an inner … Continue reading Synopsis of Lines

The Desire for Technology

Everyone who plays with technology or has the hegemonic desires to permeate it deep into the ecosystem of society does not possess a scientific mind. They are merely being calculating and ideating the economics and profitability. The ideas come from non-scientific minds, merely carried out or developed mechanically. Technology has become intrusive and also pushes them to an unassuming user base. Today’s technologies are collecting … Continue reading The Desire for Technology