It’s Vain

It’s vain to nourish the soul with jealousy and pride The self-traitorous one wants to snatch away someone else’s morsels Innermost greed weakens life’s forces and consumes the soul like ravenous termites Vainglorious wisdom set-off the unfortunate events of destruction Insalubrious mind wouldn’t mind unleashing a tirade against freedom and love Ignorance is unrepentant; a hardened heart and crumbly soul is perfidious Avaricious dreams devour … Continue reading It’s Vain


Every drop of patience Fuels the overthinking mind Considering other’s thoughts Filtering the myriad perceptions Only to settle down like thick sediment Waiting for the right moment To create anarchy of actions Stir the negative passions Uprooting the essence of peace Surrounded by lifelong turmoil Siphoned into a tempestuous world Where all the senses are subservient A journey without self-realization© Continue reading Maelstrom