Tensed Fragility

Adamant opinions raise the temper of an already flustered day Too many of them have joined the crowd, now almost resemble an overblown bubble Interesting to see how long the pressure remains subjugated by the reasons Mischievous hands are always there to unsettle the fragile relations Threads of relationships can barely keep the incensed environment under control The settling Sun is in despair, an unrecognizable … Continue reading Tensed Fragility


Unnecessary microparticles adulterates the pure essence of life Seeking to settle down quietly and weaken the original bond  Is it so difficult to comprehend the increasing distance and tension? Fibrous fractures appear harmless and mostly unrecognised There is no time to heal the little wounds and anoint them with love Subtle breaches are ignored as foundation of life becomes prone to attacks Dazzled by the superlative … Continue reading Unnecessary