Don’t stop Thinking

An education that does not encourage you to think and seeks conformity is debilitating. The easiest way to live is to join the crowd and think as everyone does. Critical thinking is passe. Accepting the popular sentiments may not always be the correct choice, even though fallacious, we comply. Being busy and getting nowhere in life, is the biggest irony. In all this drama and we are … Continue reading Don’t stop Thinking

Knowledge and Ignorance

Gain some knowledge on ignorance Knowledge is played upon to influence minds Tactically manipulated to stem the flow of thoughts In popular domain, some fabricated knowledge External reality is contrary to the actual reality within Ignorance can lead us down the perilous path Attempts to discourage the habit of rightful thinking Ignorance that we are not aware of is our weakness Unrestrained emotions are fueled … Continue reading Knowledge and Ignorance

Life- Efforts and Challenges

Life chooses us. We are here, trying to find out various ways to maneuver through life. Paths, there is many- Straight paths, parallel paths (never to meet), long winding paths (delays), deserted paths, dangerous paths, fulfilling paths, courageous paths, and a path toward perdition.  In life, we are presented with choices, that determine the journey. We all have dreams, some of them come to fruition, … Continue reading Life- Efforts and Challenges

Philosophical Ramblings~4

When your mind is preoccupied with the trivialities of life you are not able to think with clarity. Every day your mind gets cluttered and gets caught in the web of negativity. It requires immense concentration to focus on life through the lens of magnanimity. Your soul, mind and heart should be in cohesion, corroborating the same trail of thoughts. The idea is to streamline … Continue reading Philosophical Ramblings~4