Trampled ways hurt the feet, but it’s not easy to find a different path  Incompatible it may seem for a while in the eyes of a familiarly busy world Free from the tapestries of turbulent designs that accentuate the chaos It won’t be easy treading across the undulating valleys that have been carved out After the castigated thoughts unwillingly walk away from the troubled mind … Continue reading Incompatibility

Thoughts Consequence

When thoughts are not ours to keep Cannot be abandoned either Without ruminating much over their fate Magnetism of reality transforms them into actions Not preferably preferable  But fatal optimism draws them out from hiding That train of thought leads towards incidents Cannot be figured out from their disguise From one place to another Which one is really trustworthy? Principles of tragedy contemplate Characteristic of … Continue reading Thoughts Consequence

Solemn Hour

Solemn landscapes offer no welcome to the wind Feels like a vagabond has trespassed at this hour of dusk Those preparing to go home are collecting their thoughts Trudging along with heavy hearts of unfulfilled dreams Journeying straight paths feel like the steepest climb   Echoes sigh of boredom; indifference to all the sayings Stories are being noted, but misty eyes blur the sentences At this … Continue reading Solemn Hour

Scattered Thoughts

The fate of those scattered thoughts and dilemma over their future Whether to relinquish power and let them disintegrate into million pieces The soul feels lighter due to a sudden decrease in emotions; less to worry about Relationships and their binds aren’t easily severed A realisation comes much later, and with it follows the lengthy composition of dirge Praying for mercy from the void; there’s no … Continue reading Scattered Thoughts

The House

Do you allow the house to rest before you wish to rest for the night? The house is around you; within, you would like to dwell with decorated ideas Light depends on what you have chosen- the hues of your mood reflected on walls Shadows whispering the pensive thoughts; ears lamenting the nocturnal clamour Alone, the heart pulsates with melancholic feelings but yearns for some pardon A … Continue reading The House


Pulling away the thoughts towards a dreary reality Sobbing like a child; their whimper does not move a stone Learning to be sick from being away from the dwelling Unwillingly exiled to an insensitive world Thoughts never had the appetite for this cruelty Now, they will be shamed for their honesty and allegiance Numerous games are played to actively displace them Language frets over the … Continue reading Homesickness