Far Away

How far one has to go before they cannot touch anything Even the soul will be distant from the body that floats somewhere else Without desires and lifelessness, away from the grip of time No one will whisper about finding yourself – the mythical space we create  Or discriminate between the body and soul Now there is no dwelling and exposed to the nature of … Continue reading Far Away

These Reflections

Frail reflections linger for too long to influence the dilemma Weary thoughts wish to survive the pale moments  Little by little it edges past the probing questions and their sharpness Looking for that elusive shade not hued in dubious colours Keep looking for the virtuous mirror to reflect on lost opportunities More defined contours and clarity of reflections  Wishing for them to speak patiently and … Continue reading These Reflections

Night Transfigured

Dream of the darkness, gentle but deceptively conspiring with the stars Playful banter or serious reflection on the transient cosmic manifestation Astonished eyes seek to understand the dreams that are wide awake now Distant flames reproduce from magical transformation and eternal mantra Languorous moment it seems to the busy world, but the heart is in ecstasy Rumored laziness is a facade, before universe’s fantasy vision … Continue reading Night Transfigured