Frothy ideas float and the bubbles explode with false enthusiasm Distinct sight of surplus unenthusiasm; eyes detect this burgeoning void There may be too many concoctions in preparing toxic effervescence  Excellent contribution of waste surge ahead with the stories of modernity Pouring that glass of water seems to be innocent and pristine The bane of survival while trying to mediate with the unhealthy ideas ~Amitav Continue reading Futile

In Disguise

Evil spirits soar; expands within a claustrophobic bubble Eyes strain as the amplified pessimism is glorified Steps become careless and tramples on the fissures Entropy unsettles the fertile mind and soul Life resembles a vine with curly tendrils for support Dependency on feeble definitions to aggrandize life Aperture of eyes fails to keep pace with intense manipulations O’ light heart, why feel heavy with mala … Continue reading In Disguise