In Silence and Fading Light

Bathed in last glow of light, taciturn moments pull the mind away from distractions Reddened sky quiver eloquently as tranquil rays permeate the thirsty canvas Drunken on the fine feelings, the moment overwhelms a soul keen to rest awhile This rhythm of peacefulness embraces the being like a mother holding her child Tender moments reflected in the soft playfulness of light across the landscape ~Amitav Continue reading In Silence and Fading Light

From Stillness

The words sail across the tranquil reflections, chanting in esoteric language Kissed by cosmic azure, there’s breath of freshness permeating the last darkness Silence is still relevant and the yawning translates some unexpressed feelings Hand-holding the unsure steps of a dreaming lad are the first rays of light Complacency not of boredom, but there is no desire to indulge in unfavourable talk Branches write across … Continue reading From Stillness

After a Goodbye

The evening breathes uneasily among the smog of uncertainty Effervescence of morning weakens with increasing harshness Crossed ideas are burdensome for the persistently busy mind Tender moments are rare as the world rushes in with complexities The Earth that believes in the sagacity of Universe cannot slumber After every caring word, the scornful sentiments grate the mind Calm voice of the morning is forgotten through … Continue reading After a Goodbye