Beyond this Evening

Initially, colder the dusk may feel Thoughts reflect through ripples of teal Evening guest has dreams in the eye Sentiments of eternity does glorify Tyrannical lights cannot upset a rhythm Hum fades away and a soul can fathom Proud silence comes closer to reality Unknown whisper pushes away the frailty Glory across the sky painted with love Blessings of a soul fulfilled from above Looking … Continue reading Beyond this Evening

A Ploy

It’s a ploy of the night to seek out solitary souls When wandering by the day has not been pleasant A gentle nudge by the moon to initiate a dialogue Rejected by the busyness, it’s time to talk passionately Transformation of dark carves a comforting abode Walking aimlessly through passage of eternity Secrets to be shared enthusiastically with stars While some may disintegrate into nothingness … Continue reading A Ploy


Breathing with the trees, tranquillity surrounding the soul Camouflaged in green; a feeling of oneness An acknowledgement from the eternal eyes Childhood beckons the adult heart to unburden the denial Of not being accepted because of destructive thoughts Simplicity is complicated enough in a world of conformity Artificial sleep is a detour for the soul  Now it is time to experience dreams of purity Branches nod … Continue reading Wonderment

Reason to Call

Rays of light from twilight’s kingdom interrogate the approaching dusk Sparking a debate in the sky where luminous sentiments paint a scenery Composing a divine message for solitary souls to consider at leisure Softened tones prevail over the earlier chaos from rapid utterances Night seeks legibility and wishes to settle down in bosom of tranquility Absence of illicit thoughts will pave the way for profound … Continue reading Reason to Call

Silent Conversations

The wishes of silent mind considers an engaging dialogue Eclipsing every other distraction from voices unknown Lilting voice secures a space in the heart, feels like drops of philtre Neutralising the effects of acerbic languages of lamentable tongue Usual banter and complaining is a reflection of purposelessness Fortune is replenished by the faithful flow of silence This is a confluence of ecstatic awakening for peaceful slumbering© Continue reading Silent Conversations

Beautiful Time

Playful truant lights dodge the effort of twilight sentiments Wants to prance around for a little bit more before bedtime Lure of hypnotic song and warm embrace to cradle nightlong Engrossed lights want to delay the homeward journey Aura of delight engages with birds and trees Hint of mischevious sparkle of beautiful souls mystify the water Tranquillity painted in hues of pure gold Yearnings of … Continue reading Beautiful Time


Through transparency, life yields its most profound thoughts When the azure blue transforms into a brilliant mirror, Divine dreams reflect Sudden murmurs wake up life and urge the soul to ardently listen Ripples of contentment dances across the clear streams Thrilled eyes look in contentment, passionately surrendering to the reflections Gentle wind metamorphoses the mind into a butterfly, fluttering with happiness In search of the … Continue reading Transparency

Eternal Embrace

Nurturing a tiny thought requires patience Plucked from the nondescript and silent world  Rarely one ventures the tranquil place Busy! Ah! I see! That’s a convenient excuse Never mind! The mind is an eager child Mother Nature wishes to introduce a thought Initiate the discussion with a genuine soul Famished eyes dine at the water table Savouring the morsels of cosmic dreams An obedient child is … Continue reading Eternal Embrace