Meaningful Meditation

Philosophical days will appear again, that’s the prayer Today looks contemplative and evenly timed; a contrasting reflection Of the enduring chaos, the pain and confrontations of ideologies Didactic lectures from misinterpreted ideas changed everything erroneously Infantile fascinations, no effort can elevate the thoughts anymore Unclean time runs through the numerous channels deep in the earth There is a connection between complicated downfall and rushed changes … Continue reading Meaningful Meditation

The Cups

Would you fill all the cups with darkness, or leave few of them empty for the light too   Transcendence isn’t incidental   Was light born of darkness or the other way around   Maybe they are both independent and equally fierce, trying to obliterate each other’s presence   The battle of significant energy reaching a crescendo, inaudible to the mortal ears   Also, incomprehensible … Continue reading The Cups