Into the Darkness

It’s easier slipping into the folds of darkness Even the shadows immerse themselves in a reverie Bright drunkenness and concoctions of emotions Chances of translating the stupor are feeble Alluring darkness slips in some desires To lift the veil of haze or not to admire the Moon Awakened feelings erase the inhibitions Allowing darkness to rush in a new fervour A sense of belonging in a tranquil … Continue reading Into the Darkness


There is nothing majestic about the screams to impersonate fundamental flaws Festoons try to adorn that facade of grey, swinging with discordant rhythm Coronation of an unkindly manner manifest the unenlightened decisions of consciousness Extravagance become repulsive and barely go beyond entertainment for the eyes Flashes of ignorance cannot illuminate the underlying layers of darkness trampled under dancing feet Flee from the celebrations, for you are … Continue reading Passersby

Mask Reflections

The mask burdened with perceptions Of which, there are plenty It is tricky to change profiles selectively There is clarity of course When there is ambiguity in mannerisms Makeovers superficial, flaky characters Try to manipulate the entire narrative It is amateurish coordination Faces try to keep pace with machinations Numb heart locked within Faltering steps duel on slippery floors Reflections off oblique inclinations Bleak smile … Continue reading Mask Reflections

Sense of Uncertainty

The air is vague today, quite restless too What message may have influenced this change? Ashened landscape speak of some mistake Those unidentified ones who speak of travesty Today, layers of gray blemish the words of yore Complex network of stars plot a chance Before that, the mind can’t wander further To retrieve the truth from quivering cocoons Still, the air has to be purified … Continue reading Sense of Uncertainty

Forever is Hope

How comfortable is it holding your breath? When weary from inhaling the toxic emanations Fear of death does not fidget with the heart It’s a momentary pause before contemplations new Faith in nature for all its glorious offerings In times of extreme dryness and exhaustion Soul does dwell on the eternal nature  Prayers echo within to awaken a change Well prepared to face a transformation? … Continue reading Forever is Hope

It’s a Reality

Time breaks down into numerous bright stars Magical transformation decorates the velvety darkness Details are revealed through celestial eyes  It’s an extravagant symphony that reverberates Appear before the mirrors reflecting dynamic images Settle down before inviting the soul to speak Flowing mystery joins the confluence of tributaries Night being consciously mirrored with love It’s an awareness graciously absorbed by the heart A fire that illuminates … Continue reading It’s a Reality

Silent Wonder

When the last drop of sentiments funnel down  Sudden colorlessness of a bright day is a contradiction Where they settle down is intriguing Earth magnanimously absorbs multitude of emotions Hoping to nurture them with motherly love Before that moment persuades the darkness To say goodbye from a grand stage of crimson hues Spirited lyrics wave in with magical dulcet tones New feelings will be birthed … Continue reading Silent Wonder