Silent Wonder

When the last drop of sentiments funnel down  Sudden colorlessness of a bright day is a contradiction Where they settle down is intriguing Earth magnanimously absorbs multitude of emotions Hoping to nurture them with motherly love Before that moment persuades the darkness To say goodbye from a grand stage of crimson hues Spirited lyrics wave in with magical dulcet tones New feelings will be birthed … Continue reading Silent Wonder


Darkness recedes when waves of innocence return after a hiatus Poignant moment submerges little hesitantly at the confluence of light Wintry season in the heart transform after reassuring embrace Awakens love for life in the soul after hearing a profound echo It’s time to realise the divine relationship with eternal soul Clarity descends in the eyes while seeking deeper in true being Sky portrays a … Continue reading Beginning

The Murmurs

Trees murmur as twilight permeates the daylight Sky is filled with a wonderful fusion of feelings Winged messengers contemplate the nested world Fluid reflection of the blossoming boughs is surreal Rhythmic patterns emanate from silent interlude Nature’s transformation becomes intriguing Fallen leaves narrate an unknown fate in whispers Silhouettes fill the background, reflecting mystery It won’t be long before the stars light up to burn There … Continue reading The Murmurs

A City at Night

Busy city, of concrete dreams Transforms into a transparent facade At the touch of mystical moonlight City gets a beautiful makeover Quietness cloaks the erratic lifestyles Enshrined with the charismatic mantra Recited in a low hum decibel of cosmic waves Solemn phase when busyness retreats Unmasked is the uneasiness of modern day life Night is bejeweled in finely crafted stones Shining bright across the magical … Continue reading A City at Night

Nature’s Transformation

When all the visible substance loses substance there will be a mere façade as the inner world becomes hollow. The outer appearance reflects a conflicting image of robustness; held by the layers of paint, the coatings barely provide any immunity from decay. The pivots have shifted, giving a new spin to the entire existence. Wobbly, the hollowness reverberates within but goes undetected by the senses. There is … Continue reading Nature’s Transformation

Salubrious Thoughts

Harness the forces of Nature Survive the ever-changing clime As travelers visiting different regions Through rough terrains and valleys Mountains and deserted landscapes Vertical heights and deep abysses Across deep waters and shallow brooks Under the Nature’s canopy Dreams of the wandering soul Many starry nights and solitary moments Hold on to the salubrious thoughts World is but a shadow of a divine place Decipher … Continue reading Salubrious Thoughts


There is feeble intention to change A change of thought to veer away from cliché Time is the best teacher we have Yet, we show aversion to educate ourselves Change from within, to view life with magnanimity Volleys of charges against a system we are part of Voluntarily choosing to resist change Time cannot heal till we are ready to be healed Change is inevitable … Continue reading Change

The Liberated Soul

As the liberated soul Saunters through the wilderness Meditating on the birth of life Privy to many transformations As modern life treads at a fast pace The liberated soul is free Without worries about expectations Enjoying the transient presence Awaiting a new manifestation Abstract ideas take shape Within the world of eternal bliss Meandering through cosmic swirl Awakening to new phases Secrets from the mind’s … Continue reading The Liberated Soul