Sense of Tranquil

Spending all the collected pure air Slowly, tranquillity prepares to leave Sighing over the undoing so early Silly jokes about not joining the rush Stillness is yet to bloom abundantly Sky comes closer to whisper sweetly Spare some moments about the day Spirit of Sun sings in a mirthful tune Spin on the globe gives a new feel Seraphic dreams create a fine wave Sitting … Continue reading Sense of Tranquil

Transparency and Illusions

Frail transparency of time veils this reality in a contradictory wall Eager eyes witness the world flooded with different shades of images Light, not light on the eyes, haunts the dreamy visions of the night Deferred truth rests like a burden on the unwilling shoulders Some days crawl rapidly towards the chaotic nucleus of time A coarse touch of error weaken the will to look … Continue reading Transparency and Illusions

Remains Unheard

Through the ages the Earth’s reply is unheard Suitable questions never arise from dread and fear Every night the dreams disappear in a world absurd Morning’s brightness does reflect on a life austere As dawn turns into chaos, rest of the feelings aren’t heard Selfish fear and loathsome behaviour impales like a spear For lack of imaginations the profound silence is stirred The inconsistencies limit … Continue reading Remains Unheard

An Enigma

The more you strive to accumulate They dissipate into an unknown abyss Leaving you dissatisfied and inadequate You cannot embrace an eternal enigma Trying to force a meaning to your perplexity We have known this to be an enigma Not even an iota of idea about the expanse You have to delve deeper to unravel the mystery Or else, just a journey through a sea … Continue reading An Enigma