The Spirit Endures

Difficult reading the sentiment of the wind Its free-will is disconcerting for everyone Sometimes like a nemesis threatens the existence Jovial and talkative… woods enjoy the moments Frolicsome whispers echo across valleys Following the monotony of a routine… the expectations Weighs down on the born-free spirit Barely listening to each other’s feelings anymore Only trying to decipher the hazy silhouette Voices dissolve frantically in the … Continue reading The Spirit Endures

Unaltered Reality in Eternity

Held back, somewhere in an untraceable world Widened eyes dream- the landscapes remain unaltered Untended, because it has been forgotten One can roam around as this nature deems appropriate Time differs- dissimilar ways the clocks behave To welcome each day with an unfeeling reality around it Struggles of people who are unaware, but feels different It occurs, sometimes late in the night, like a stern … Continue reading Unaltered Reality in Eternity


Running away from the self, every landscape looks interesting Waiting eagerly to plan an itinerary to visit as many destinations To conquer the mountains and kiss the sweetest streams flowing Quench the parched desires and waiting to revive from the thrill  Planning every detail of the journey and abandon the camp abruptly  Attraction of the journey evokes the passion of becoming a traveler Exhilarating, sensational, and classical … Continue reading Travel

Let the Mind Wander

Let the mind wander freely It will thank you for the freedom Across wildernesses, to conjure ideas Imaginations can fly to fancy places Not a dull moment  While seeking new adventures A caged mind is prone to melancholy Betraying emotions can cause upheaval Mind seeks pleasure Roaming the firmament at will Exchanging furtive glances with birds Freedom of the mind makes seasons colorful Even winters … Continue reading Let the Mind Wander

Wish to Travel Happy

One cannot travel far With the heavy torments of burden Life is a blessing who walks the aeonic road Rich experiences and knowledge of truth Let the Spirit be light to walk the eternal journey The serpentine embrace will kindle the lights There is a karmic choice for every soul- Through the labyrinth of eternity or treacherous paths Why willfully pickup un-merited experiences? Affects the … Continue reading Wish to Travel Happy

Travel with a Purpose

Thou not travel looking for an escape With a chaotic inner world A dream to release the repressed feelings To be lost as a wanderer A directionless journey in the beauteous world For you cannot do justice by being unmindful With a mind drawn within and coiled tightly A desire to escape the fabricated reality Spilling the air with pernicious thoughts Vitiating the pristine beauty … Continue reading Travel with a Purpose