Arched Rocks

A hunchbacked hillock gives specific identity to the region The identity of who carved this has been always a mystery Couldn’t the craftsman reach higher to chisel the crown On a bed of rocks, it meditates, unaware of the worldly pain Looks indifferent to first-time travellers Wait, till the tranquil cave is found in the earth’s deep womb The positive vibes resonate clearly, welcoming and … Continue reading Arched Rocks

The Earth

The Earth looks meditative Carrying the stillness of ancient years So many narratives remain mystery Impassive, but the soul is abundant with Energy The calm exterior of Nature is just a reflection An enigma for life that thrives from it Mostly looked at with suspicion, for its calm nature Change continues according to the plan Upheavals position life in accordance to Universe We have become … Continue reading The Earth


Possibilities are many Blessed by the eternal nature of life We do not have the time to identify Or, differentiate between contrasting realities One reality is eternal and spells freedom Another, a walk through confabulations Comparisons drive the subliminal world to alter A topsy-turvy relationship with reality Our own creation on doubtful foundation Without knowledge of the eternal possibilities When there’s a hurry to live … Continue reading Possibilities

World Together

Physically travelling across continents Should be an eye-opener By meeting people of diverse cultures Food becomes a reason to bond Simple to exotic cuisines Different and beautiful terrains Mountains, valleys, and wildernesses Deep gorges and feisty waterways Rustic pathways to classical boulevards Finest manicured lawns to simple kitchen gardens Palatial suites to the rustic warmth of families Genuine love and affection Somewhere, borders divide the … Continue reading World Together