Paleness fades away Apprehensive time welcomes the uncomfortable brightness Exposing unsettled ways of life Nothing green about life Ashed colours are used to camouflage Anguish of so many lost travellers Breeze gyrates in a trance Erasing the signs from the surfaces Created by the fumbling hands Some cryptic messages Night will be intense Mornings will be graceless Less benevolent and hopeful ~Amitav Continue reading Forecast

The Struggles and Seeking

The struggles are not spontaneous Emerges from the lifeless abyss cloaked in lament The face and tongue lie with the expressions and speech Frowning at the beauty of a verdant land Eyes despair at the images that are being created From a world of distress, the views are blurry and askew Sunken words chronicle misery of being in a predicament Wasteland storms add to the … Continue reading The Struggles and Seeking

Fresh Earth

Fresh Earth shrugs off the sorrowful tone of unfulfilled dreams Constant buzz near the ears created by rapid wing movement of voices From where they fly remains a mystery; restless like hummingbirds Rainbow streaks became monochrome in disguise of dark Light filters through the foliage carrying waves of realisations Steep night descends unceremoniously in deep caverns Covers of the night become irrelevant while confronting daylight … Continue reading Fresh Earth