Save the Thoughts

Leave not the thoughts naked when a scorching summer is predicted Drape them with dreams of the future to preserve in times of adversity Not only a safe shelter in the mind but also embrace them closer to your bosom Defying the advancing strides of hostile summer just like the highwaymen With rapiers to wound the soft soul and plunder the riches of precious thoughts … Continue reading Save the Thoughts


Gazing at the ocean makes me feel small, even a little envious of the vastness Only listening to sounds is enough to make the sunset more mystical than I can imagine Waves are coy, luckily, the feet can feel the playfulness of the ocean’s soul How many worlds are contained in its unfathomable depths? The colossal upheavals may be due to the clash between such … Continue reading Gazing


Prodigal thoughts lure creativity to unexplored realms  Through many nomadic travels in solitude, in search of inimitable flair To seek immortal treasures Nurture them with unprecedented energy and sensibilities to speak eternally Such wanderings isn’t vainglorious, but do not succumb to ignominious taunts Intoxicating aspirations; not delirium, but euphoric realisation of treasures The armour of indefatigable consciousness and jubilation of fertile verses Sun may recline … Continue reading Creativeness

Ancient Waters

The ancient waters And it’s unexplored depths Sunken treasures Remnants of misfortunes Epic battles fought Over claims to treasures To escape the tyranny And run away with love Waves engulfed some Others escaped to shores Some remain forever Lost in unfathomable depths The ancient waters Find mention in historical memoirs Traders found new territories Many found new countries Braving these waters Would history be different … Continue reading Ancient Waters