The Silent Transformation

Silently, this time speaks of willing surrender in nature’s language Shedding the colours, like it is a tribute to the earth that is about to become wintry Hold the precious feelings closer to the bosom, somewhere, keep them warm Nurture them deep in the soul, for they can have boundless energy to spring in joy Shy twilight goes home earlier, waiting to be wrapped in … Continue reading The Silent Transformation

Those Words

Lustrous words kiss the bosom Ever graceful from the depths Darkness nurtures the beauty Aren’t dwarfed by impatience Graceful sways arouse the heart Idle moments to introspect Pristine feelings shall speak Inebriated with love and hope Resplendent colour of rubies Yearnings of a vibrant heart World resembles a mirror Reflecting glowing tribute Of those truthful words Ruby-red the firmament It took night’s deliriousness To seek … Continue reading Those Words

To All Artists

Art presents us the colors which we usually miss in our fleeting existence. It multiplies these hues and blends them to magnify the glorious essence of life. Sometimes, we view life in monochrome and deny our eyes the pleasure of nature’s vivid colors. Art comes forth as the messiah to introduce us to undiscovered perspectives of life, colored with the real essence of life. Art … Continue reading To All Artists


Nature’s color palette Is an extravagant blend Hues transcend our imagination Bountiful offering to the muse Each color breathes life A reflection of myriad moods Colors of spiritual emotions Ethos of nature is colorful Plenty of love and affection Colors celebrate vibrantly The purest colors on display For the blessed travelers Colors move in harmony A tribute to eternal masterpiece© Continue reading Colors