Pen Feels

The pen feels and yields to the gripping desires Heart consents after the inky darkness plead Notes unpraiseworthy wish to surrender The critical eyes singed the heart with infamy Claim to fame with blame, but shameless voices Truth painted controversially within a circle Of conceits and conceals of immoral disguises Stubborn pen dares to correct the profane courses Contemporaries aren’t pleased with stressed syllables Unworthy … Continue reading Pen Feels

The Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing Yet, there was everything that celestial hands could create From nothingness, arrives reality  Imperceptible to the worldly eyes, much of what this reality isn’t Particles dance at the behest of cosmic eyes Eternal energy flares across may universes Cosmic portals protected by the Trident Awake the soul from slumber induced by false perceptions It’s always now or nothing ~Amitav Continue reading The Beginning

Persistent Times

If not for those thoughts that scythe the overgrown enthusiasm One would not have been cautiously counting the hours Dreaming of a pretty day with ornate designs and pure gaiety Away from the stench of smoke and toppled glasses of spirits Disoriented conversations and unrealised dreams sodden in melancholy Acts of diffidence glows with each puff of cigarettes Burnt fingers are affirmations of being resilient … Continue reading Persistent Times

Journey will Prevail

The journey cannot be beautiful enough When eyes hold a stereotyped vision of the world Escaping to new landscapes is a tiring experience Destinations will provide superficial relief Because dogmas are ingrained in every particle Exceptional will and perception can usher change Creation is a masterpiece with eternal artistry There is wisdom everywhere but eyes fail to see Only a pure vision can experience the brilliance Many … Continue reading Journey will Prevail

Divine Happiness

The feral spirit wants to triumph An inherent fortitude to free itself  Walking over prejudices Evoking the winds to a new drift A festal atmosphere to revel United with light to create a legacy Illuminating gloomy landscapes Sing along with universe’s choral song Set freedom to inspire many souls Add colors to the kaleidoscopic vistas Brighten the paradise with divine happiness© Continue reading Divine Happiness