Dreams Matter

Dreams; supposed to be comfortable but also exciting enough To keep awake the protagonist, who is eagerly waiting for sleep Are they completely his to acquire? No infringement whatsoever Without battling any claims from anyone or indisputable If there aren’t any accusations of a Faustian deal, it’s commendable  Without invoking the legacy of Hades; the uneasy appeasement Wealth paraded naked as eyes glisten with aroused … Continue reading Dreams Matter

Feel Beyond 

Feel beyond obsolete feelings, there is an entire universe to experience Seems, inane thoughts have nested for too long in the mind  Verses are not rich enough if they cannot transcend this reality Awakening of a slumberous mind can see through the persistent disguise  Passion is not passionate enough, impoverished with consistent lies Consistent erratic sentiments undermine the soul of expressions  -Amitav  Continue reading Feel Beyond 

Ideas for Change

Suddenly waking up one day to improve the world or the situations in society is not a brilliant idea. One has to continuously remain conscious about the perpetual indifferences that have already rooted itself in the psyche. Change is always a gradual process and becomes even more difficult to implement when the inaction has been prevalent due to the understandable willingness to conform. Positive change … Continue reading Ideas for Change


Light is diverted towards the darkest places Gradually penetrating the stubborn layers that obfuscate life Hopeful souls feel the warmth after aeons of neglect and perpetual dampness Seeds of hope hibernating, laying low to mediate and change fate Transforming into the replica of omnipresent- quietude and simplicity prevail Simple cracks between stones part ways for light can filter through to deepest crevices Burning the gruelling … Continue reading Light


The valley takes refuge in darkness After twilight kissed the undulating landscape Cottage light gains significance Flickering flames light up the creaky wooden frames Some light escape playfully through the slits  Inhabitants pacing up and down the stilted floors A misty night waits for a view from verandah Holding a cup between the palm, a warm feeling Runs through the criss-cross lines of life Holding on to … Continue reading Reminiscing

Distorted Life

No one escapes unscathed from life An indirect assault from false perceptions Propels you towards a labyrinth of delirium You are wound up in a vicious spiral of lies Coerced to mentally ruminate distorted ideas When your core principles are slowly obliterated Throwing you further towards a chaotic periphery A delirious stupor and lack of veridical perception Relevance of new world order is obfuscating reality … Continue reading Distorted Life