Cross the threshold to walk back to the solitary soul being deprived of sonorous sayings Because the fight on the other side have been too intense; it’s time to take away the sceptre from haughty hands Feeling uncomfortable amidst the artificial comforts of well-spun reality, where cities flounder every moment Distracted by the frivolities and frolicking chapters of stupor in full view of impressionable eyes Where … Continue reading Threshold


There is a conscience, and it questions persistently Answering is a choice as it is to run away from it and steal a path  Fancy peeking into the minds and collecting those thoughts? Taking frantic notes and attaching dodgy meanings to create fantasies Many such aggrandized pieces seduced into silent resignation Fanfare and frolic; cavorting to the lascivious tunes Conscience witnesses the nonsense and has a … Continue reading Conscience


A search for that world continues where the heart’s prayer will be sacred Language will be easier to feel and pleasant to the ears; not mere sounds Pronunciations won’t distort the tongue, but fluency will ease the emotions Pain will ameliorate as the heart will be freed from captive negativity Translations will be transparent and allow the light to reflect off their edges Dreams free from … Continue reading Prosperity


The synchronicity of these thoughts rises above the disharmonious and acrimonious environment. Somewhere there is a plan to bring them together and exchange conscious observations through an ecosystem impenetrable by any disruptive forces. Now, the truth will be purified to test their resilience and potency. For multitude of lies, there is one drop of truth to obliterate the negative energies. It isn’t an easy task … Continue reading Synergy

Time of Communication

The time of this conversation never happened to find a comfortable space. When time has to feign friendliness with hostile and fake time, compulsive misdemeanours are common occurrences. Conversations are avoided and discriminated according to suitability. Unsettling talks probing falsehoods ignite belligerent behaviour, enough to harm fragile relationships. Prevailing sentiments are that of humbugs are truthful, and can be trusted their worth in every word … Continue reading Time of Communication

The Narrative

I could be the insignificant narrator Settled somewhere with unsettled thoughts- a constant tussle but not really a hassle But the dimensions open up like a splendid Lotus  Only to be visible and relevant for few hours, before another reality presents itself So much to consider before soaking the words in mellifluous reality Witness the charismatic transformation with each passing moment Communicating with eternity’s spectacle … Continue reading The Narrative

Dwindling Interest

It seems thoughts have rushed in unexpectedly and compressed themselves in a block of a redundant object. It’s there to weigh on the mind, shifted here and there with much effort. So many external forces shape this hideous looking piece. Not ideas of aloneness, but unwarranted information are forcibly stuck on it to tarnish the essence of thoughts. How such ideas come in as mere … Continue reading Dwindling Interest

A Detour

Frustrated tongue and bitter lips Rebuke the language to speak fury Nasty propaganda picked by ears Weighing heavy on the soul How does life breathe easy? Every example is deeply flawed Unaware of the intimacy It’s a struggle to embrace truth Refrain from mimicking politeness The loose mask exposes  Nasty details writ on the heart Licentious relationship with reality Tongue embraces obsequiousness ~Amitav Continue reading A Detour

This or That

If you do ‘this’, people say why didn’t you do ‘that’ If you say ‘this’, people say why didn’t you say ‘that’ It is the ambivalence between ‘this’ and ‘that’ which keeps the conversation going, albeit, with the idea of procrastinating and stretching the ‘status quo’ to survive the necessary will to change for good. Social media has become a battleground for those lethargic intellectuals … Continue reading This or That