Sometimes the quaintness of hell one has to settle for Well disguised, the motives; abducted by the alluring feel Hands of Hades, or the spirit willing to take this course Happens, when the cunning mists obscure the reality World’s fortune transforms into that menacing rapid Slippery and hazy, the life tumbles down helplessly Raised hands signal the heavens; in prayer for rescue Beautiful dreams in … Continue reading Unsettling

The Possibilities

Is it possible staying afloat in a boat of memories while going downstream? Mind acts as the frantic oarsman with the responsibility of maintaining a balance It is time to feel the spirit of deepest levels that are inspiring the current Time to withdraw from distractions and look around the cavern of unfulfilled dreams Life comes rushing with immense force to sweep the boat towards … Continue reading The Possibilities


When one loses originality The born with beliefs, in disarray Soul comes in direct conflict of thoughts Indecisive, trying to make sense of duality The weakening cognitive processes Leaving an array of slippery thoughts World dawns with the mass accepted meanings Mechanisms to train the minds Think in a linear path, thoughts mostly borrowed The world within tries to defend Vehemently trying to reason with … Continue reading Dissonance