The confidence of being unaware Of those innate feelings A flow that takes another turn Falling off the cliff The precipice far away Glistened like a greedy sword Cutting through the strands Lengthy and twisted Trembles at such depth Cannot be felt up here Earth settles down Aware, but slumberous ~Amitav Continue reading Meandering

Stubborn Feelings

Studied stubbornness stands like a sentinel  Guarding the senses against venturing out  The pages that were forcibly torn out, strangulated Fists of fiends empower them for this task Frankenstein feelings claw the soul in a frenzy A desire to witness the pain and life being wrenched Oh! That knot consists of all possible evils The stubbornness stretches the skin so taut ~Amitav Continue reading Stubborn Feelings


When strangers meet and still wish to continue with the anonymity Cold stares and unwilling vibes freeze the moment with passive animosity Insults inscribed in the air float across, disregarding all usual courtesy Travelling through distortions, the irritating narratives wound themselves like barbed wires Stinging the hands that touch them unknowingly; like a hydra, they awaken with many vicious faces Without transformation, the spaces remain … Continue reading Strangers

What to Embrace

To perish embracing the convincing lies Or, face the wrath of life for moving away from them and nurturing the truth Life has many faces; their reflections are distorted because of masks Whom to believe? Whose dialogues are honest and worthwhile? Not because it augments material wealth, but honesty pays with hope That indestructible mind comprehending the many facets of life Honourable! Not a hypocritical … Continue reading What to Embrace


Maybe they are brittle, the knots still intermittently restrain the pace Now that they are feeble and loosen their stranglehold, bold voices speak Of their complicated designs to limit the flow of legitimate criticism For every possible distraction with their craftiness create disruptions These thought to be strong bonds are blatant flaws devised by tyrants Unfortunate censorship of thoughts abbreviate the truth of feelings Unnecessary … Continue reading Knots