Fate of Emotions

Predatory words took away the best emotions  During some unfanciful moments that allowed them in The sanctified world of a soul’s reverie Malicious eyes already put them in a vile hypnotic state Abandoned reasons along the way Losing faith in the emotions that nurtured the heart  In troubled times, when the world becomes uncaring Cajoled by the ferocity; masked in some otherworldly charm Misguiding the … Continue reading Fate of Emotions


The ‘I’ is oblivious, or even, zealously unaware of sundry feelings A serpentine view imprisons the soul and snatches away the ability to feel It’s only crude realisation of what is important of a shrinking world Resembles a tiny little pond that is dangerously on the verge of drying up The crusts surrounding the ‘I’ demarcates the precincts of understanding A wonderful world slips away … Continue reading Oblivious