The Complexities of Oversimplification

We may be making things even more complicated by oversimplifying the intricacies. It is a common behaviour to perceive things as complex. It is thought to be an unnecessary addition to the already convoluted narrative that’s mired in fallacious hypotheses. It is even more complicated to label everything as simple and thinks that it will be simpler to comprehend them. A deliberate dilution of an … Continue reading The Complexities of Oversimplification

Comprehension of Reason

The discipline required to reason with unreasonable thoughts is immense. The reason to do so is due to the fact that a world with misconstrued realities is hyper-consciously trying to debunk all the authentic reasons. Without introspection and conscious determination to determine the merits of pure reason speaking of concepts of existence from a critical point of view is unachievable. The attempt to argue from … Continue reading Comprehension of Reason


We are actively trying to conform, to learn what is being taught, to impress those who wish to listen to their narratives being reinforced one sentence and theories at a time. After giving up the intentions of understanding what we desire to learn from uninfluenced sources of the universe. Failing to grasp the nature of learning and understanding weaken the prospects to be free. Free from the ideologies and isms of life that have been pressing on the conscience for … Continue reading Excluding

Vital Thoughts

Some vital thoughts of consciousness have been suppressed for too long and a concerted effort to make them irrelevant by pushing them beyond the subliminal realms of the mind. Those thoughts would have served well to guide the mind toward a conscious living. In a distracted environment orchestrated by the world around, there are many instances where sinful actions have been aggrandized and implanted in … Continue reading Vital Thoughts

The Feelings

These are no colloquial feelings Surrendered to the undeniable flow of life They will float or sink Or, reach some shore that resembles a shriveled grain Rest there till sun shines brighter than reality Even the shadows slant little lesser For every fragment of thought is connected They may appear to be cryptic to those uninterested Living in a parallel world of unreal feelings Vanquished, … Continue reading The Feelings


Some conversations are surreal The exchanges from our heart linger Every word sharpened with intellect Simple language spells clarity Collected realization of two recluse Conversations, out of world experience Or, includes the entire universe Where dimensions of knowledge meet Tow souls, away from the commotion Thoughts shared, from purest origin When the mind has conjured Divinity Conversation awakens the souls© Continue reading Conversations

Philosophical Understanding

Arriving at a conjecture based on the references, is just another perception among the many that already exists. Such inferences get lost in the ‘soon to be forgotten’ annals and will be under the millions of words and tenets. To arrive at a philosophical debate one must present a new dimension from the experiential point of view; this is only possible when one wants to … Continue reading Philosophical Understanding

Of Life and Events

Every thought birthed from life’s understanding Slowly, as you create your own philosophy The actions will determine the karma Amongst the mindless and conceited (in) actions Rushing to tread on a path without a vision Entire world moving to and fro with busyness Only wisdom knows, from stillness is birthed patience The mind is prepared to assimilate right knowledge Do not run without an agenda … Continue reading Of Life and Events