This journey is exciting and isolating as well There are rainbows of dreams and euphoria  Cloudy at times, with melancholic feels Such contrasts reciprocate to moments It’s a learning process to deal with change A story of an interconnected world Idyllic settings cushion busy upsetting times Pillow of thoughts to be chosen carefully While dreams are to be protected from wickedness Pendulum moments of sleep … Continue reading Contrasts

Sombre Moments

Sombre mood of the twilight hour makes the horizons shudder Minor aberrations at the sunset moments delay the Sun’s homeward journey Tireless light now wishes to convey the night’s mantra to the Moon Excited golden dust try to playfully hold on to the feeble arm of fading light Frantic pace of the day tapers through the labyrinth of eternity Soon, the night’s echoes will be … Continue reading Sombre Moments

Relinquishing an Identity

The journey from desires to dust Waking up every day with the nudge of first morning rays Pondering over the genesis of this consciousness  With every deep-breath trying to identify the scent of this universe What is so intoxicating about the night? One needs to retire from the journey for a brief moment Awaken to the day while the desires still rearrange themselves Secret confabulations … Continue reading Relinquishing an Identity


It’s there, everywhere, even within you In your dreams from the subliminal world Consciousness of the day and night blends A course of flowing realisation sparkles Grim places are sanctified with pious feelings Flowing consciousness does not ferment Images do not curdle from fear of darkness Bitter drinks no more, only ambrosia Mouth feels spirited with positive language Every laughter is crystal clear and sincere Shivers … Continue reading Everywhere

New Learning

It takes eternity to assimilate entire nature of universe and its changes Life is worthwhile attempting to understand the nuances  Images emerge from somewhere and dissolve so eloquently Again reappears with new facets; as if a master painter’s brush strokes worked on the canvas the entire night Never be fearful of the pure feelings vanishing into the ether They are free to wander everywhere and … Continue reading New Learning


Wandering as a child, with curious eyes and delight of a beautiful world Unmindful of the incessant chatter while working on a secret sweet language To impress the pristine days, who will appreciate the little one’s effort and listen carefully Great virtue to wander through these experiences of seeing days bloom with love Graceful steps feel the vibrations of a universe and bring joe to … Continue reading Wandering


One wishes to keep an all-night vigil to seek the true spirits of mysterious world Away from the distractions of an inconsistent day, the solitude is an escape The open environs are tempting and heart becomes desirous of friendly feelings Fiendish eyes are put to sleep before the celestial eyes look out lonely hearts Pacify the worries before chanting the prayer of universe’s conscious soul … Continue reading Vigil


Scuttled ideas unsettle the words Through haphazard and unrestrained sentences In scattered ink, blemishes cloak them in weirdness Wiry sentences chained in distorted girdles There’s no scope of curious eyes getting to close to their meaning Lucky, not to be surprised by their wayward patterns Such chimaeras are conceived in some convoluted world Which may not even come from an ovular reality Of life, which resonates … Continue reading Hurried


Depending on the comprehension of chaos Picking those grains of significance from the din of existence Those changing patterns and traits influenced by attraction How brave one can be, to surrender to the chaotic wonder Some realities are revealed only when the soul is submerged Breathing the changing eccentricities of universe  Even the oldest objects seem stubborn to the untrained eyes In reality, they change … Continue reading Chaos