While Being Away

While there is a fear of locks, they also keep away the intruders Also, the locks have a scornful expression and stare intimidatingly Locksmiths may know the tricks to overpower them and compel them to unlock Crooks learn the magic too; it’s their passion to manipulate them to submission It becomes a mechanical profession of disarming the locks Doors become irrelevant, the disdain vanishes, they … Continue reading While Being Away

Not As You Think

Overstepping the boundaries, overreaching, more than the minds can perceive Such reasons irrational squelch and pester unreasonably with saner minds Irresistible boundaries demarcated with hubris; there’s no other escape Criticisms take sinister forms- on the face of it or camouflaged with sophistication Groundless reasons emerge from the highly convoluted consciousness Deception isn’t even an offence; used against any truthful reason and aspirations The furious trajectory … Continue reading Not As You Think

The Time

Unrestrained time chooses to be a delinquent character Evil laughter, on instilling fear and enjoying the disintegration of rightness It can choose to shower the dictums at any moment Its sudden calmness is evil- wonder, the nature of fate the eyes are reading Inhospitable time, once upon a time, decided to erase the shores Only vast oceans of chaos to hurl challenges towards human resilience … Continue reading The Time

It’s Sleep

Sleep was a charlatan Asking me to recline Obfuscating the light Head leaning away From the dreams Distant clock chimed An alien tune of time Pushing life away Toward an unreality Dreams flowing away Cascading furiously The impaled heart Unable to feel the rush Resting on clock hands It was anticlimactic Dreams rushed in From unknown lands Sleep seized the day Hapless dreams Spoke in … Continue reading It’s Sleep


Countenance of the Universe has a grim expression Wondering, if it was a fault to create a benevolent nature Faultless and mute whenever there have been indiscretions Patiently receiving the ghastly blows of immature bravado Conspiracies of the wayward minds write another destiny Planning a contrary course for the volatile thoughts to choose A reverie that has birthed a lifelong pandemonium Questionable ideologies have always breached consciousness … Continue reading Expression

Flowing Sorrow

Where there should have been happiness  There is perennial sorrow flowing Every day, life is a challenge in paradise To save the souls from drowning In their tears, that falls incessantly Brightness of the Sun becomes unbearable Moon and stars become blurry to sorrowed eyes None can escape the lure of fantasy Denying the fate of better life to Nature’s children Weaving stories of vicious … Continue reading Flowing Sorrow