Suffocating boulevards Arrhythmical footsteps Passive aggression Mirage of lights Heavy footsteps Modern-day calisthenics Moth-eaten canvasses Dark imageries (Un) happy path Sombre evening Fallow cities Paradise discriminated Uneasy realisations Overpowering mirage ~Amitav Continue reading Breathless


Snatched away mercilessly from the cradle of mind The talons of ignorance have since become a formidable force Impaled mind lost control over the ability to generate ideas To defend the thoughts from such disgusting confiscation Some mysterious myths and their explanations are deceptive Stench of pernicious power dominates the senses Ghosts become a reality as they are provided ever-changing faces As they speak in … Continue reading Seized

The Adulations

Flattery has no reason to be ashamed of exaggerations That moment of pleasure arouses the ego It’s deceitful love but it is enough for the cavorting heart Tender passions considered feeble in conspiring world Frivolous reasons to set fire to genuine feelings Flatterers gather around conflagrating desires Reflected redness on faces seem to portray glint of mischief Exalted state of minds celebrate brief moments of … Continue reading The Adulations


Love is altruistic; survives disdain and elements of vicious change Have the heart slept for too long and wandered too far away from feelings Since there is no courage to salvage them from being transformed forever This secrecy that is sought and murmurs to inexplicably dilute the thoughts Colluding with the dark and painting every sensitive layer with such hues Nature’s mirror reflects the ghastly … Continue reading Conflicting


Tomorrow won’t save you from today’s vain promises Compelling truth to vanish without confronting fallacies Future has a cosmic eye to comprehend the real intentions Desirable lectures articulated and enveloped in lies It is the escapists who wish to transform today’s reality Still praying for a favourable future is a contradiction Winds may stop whispering and nature may stop listening ~Amitav Continue reading Tomorrow


Trading barbed words to acquire peace Precincts carved out from scathing visions Soil blended in acrimony unable to yield tolerance More of strategic warble weaken reason Embittered feelings alter the consciousness Like an omniscient cloak pulling in heads Sheltering them from further communication It’s desirable to be obedient without questions Arched emotions afflicted with painful times Fiends camouflage themselves in obsequiousness For every dialogue becomes juvenile banter … Continue reading Disconcerting

Intoxicating Pride

Conscious diatribes aren’t effective to shame the obvious uselessness A profitable companionship cannot be split by words of honest jurisprudence The delirium becomes concentrated and settles comfortably in minds If it is about the desire to possess the inessential to win a war against wisdom Wants are quantified by the irreversible casualties of humaneness Impatience to create another Paradise is ambitiously reflected in mortal idleness … Continue reading Intoxicating Pride

Of City Thoughts

Impassive houses jostling for space, only for recognition Today, the drenched walls express city’s despair Shroud of glamour soaked in overflowing emotions A stoic evening exposes the insensibility Glassful of extravaganza insufficiently hides the woes Future promises are coloured with suspicion Emptied heart wishes for some truthful talk Ambitious instructions are cunning enough to mislead ~Amitav Continue reading Of City Thoughts

Misplaced Words

How often the words are replaced to leave a sighing gap All, for the superficial conversations that emerge winner Undeserving lines stealthily violate the honest sentiments Consequences can be of any nature amidst unnatural languages Hunger to be right satiate the heart that seeks dominance Arguments decimate the sanctity of truthful communication Conscience becomes an uneasy spectator of wilful dereliction It’s a failure that life … Continue reading Misplaced Words