After the Shadows

The world blinks, it’s momentary, even evades our consciousness Shadows slink and move towards an oblivious horizon Skipping a beat, the heart beckons the mind, a timid response from an hyperbolic instance Without realizing the shift in instincts from the overburdened reality Nothing is realistic, noting down some variety of deviance Rising degrees of conflicts, a perpetual delusion off the hazy landscape Feels unreal, but … Continue reading After the Shadows

The Chaotic Moments

You cannot define eternity with fragile words They disintegrate because of wanton thoughts Winds sweep them away further into abysses How such thoughts go away prematurely Even before the heart can fathom their prayer For darkness is lit by another darkness Cursed flames and infernal episode of destruction Only possible light hinders vision of the mind Chaotic tongue becomes talkative like the devil ~Amitav Continue reading The Chaotic Moments


Undecided eyes betray the sweet lies that sweeten the tongue Deep into the world through intense light probe the untold beliefs A vague alliance with the outside world conspires here Appearances wear off and there’s emergence of delusional language Egresses from a trance, there are plenty of voices of vices An entranced world devoted to the echoes that pounce on rugged walls An uncomfortable truth, … Continue reading Vacant