The Loss, the Devalued Journey

Its that you possess is being taken away Leaving you with fewer senses and weaker consciousness Distracted and disillusioned by the energetic contradictions Now the feeble thoughts do not inspire any actions Not vigilant anymore during the daily trials Of a fate surrendered or snatched away by dark shadows Watered down language cannot protest the accusations Diminished path of weary travelers against a parched landscape … Continue reading The Loss, the Devalued Journey

Not Unknown

It is not unknown that most precious ideas are still mystifying Only barely the consciousness touches the realm of life, an existential compromise Little ideas self-destruct after forming certain objects to fill the void Veiled storytelling- only to hide the scepticism that arises from uncertainties Every day it is a struggle to find new ways to manipulate the reality It is unsustainable, the core values … Continue reading Not Unknown

Changes Undesired

Recalcitrant ideas try to wear out the intensity of changes A storm waits patiently, gathering the power to uproot resistance Who would want to be propelled to the future with vagueness? Not the foolish idea of progress that essentially depletes the trust Bothered by the ideological shifts- the liberty to oppose values Turning away from the crowd is not cowardice, as alleged A purposeless extension … Continue reading Changes Undesired

As Stories Unfold

Windows lament the gloomy days Missed opportunities to hear from the travelling winds Sometimes they mumble after a slight push Lonely for now, they have no new stories to share Out there, the busy world walks in an orchestrated way Empty seats and abandoned dreams Some forlorn faces, but most of them are stoic Different dreams rush past similar paths No glances are exchanged in … Continue reading As Stories Unfold

Tough Challenges

Moral ideas are not aesthetic enough for a crooked world. We allow (or are forced to alter) our thoughts, innate character to be transformed by a deluge of external factors with covert plans to alter them irredeemably. Due to such instances, we lose control over the arguments and willingly surrender to the numerous byproducts that appear as sludge amidst the controversial free-flow of nonsense. The … Continue reading Tough Challenges

What’s Valued

Where cryptic sarcasm are sold at cheaper values Words mangled and moulded in a sensational pattern Wild, wild, and wild, the decibels decide their share Not here to buy what is being sold, just a reconnaissance Of what is being bargained for; devalued values set Against some diabolical worth of currency in coffers Sarcasm goes to the highest bidder who peddles them Frequently at the … Continue reading What’s Valued

Sleep Awakening

If sleep were to be woven with multiple realities The reclining position and period of quietness can become a profound pattern With designs connected with mysteries of the universe; in conversation of silence Knowledge transferred eternally between the soul and cosmic consciousness A network of truth can determine the values Sleep can erase the persistent paranoia emanating from an unsure mind Let dreams descend through … Continue reading Sleep Awakening

Pursuit of Poetry

Poetry is difficult to understand and even more so composing them. Achieving freedom with few lines in verses is no mean task. The poet strives to paint rich imagery to illustrate various human emotions and experiences. It has to be eloquent, even while describing the most difficult emotions; no wonder, the poet has to search deeper to pick the appropriate words. A poet has to … Continue reading Pursuit of Poetry

Sudden Euphoria

Most sophisticated inclinations toward the luxurious images craving for praise There are no subtle colours, but hues of disconcerting emotions entwined awkwardly Eyes are rarely cognizant of the hideous intentions to lure away the heart from simplicity The uneasy depictions from prurient feelings create a road of ultra brazenness Celebrations in a vacuum are a deleterious attempt to stay significant in macabre reality Such anarchism disrupt … Continue reading Sudden Euphoria