The Blunt Silence-A Poem

The blunt silence is so unnerving I’d rather welcome the haphazard imaginations Let my mind overthink and not lament the lack of words Allow me to wander; I can tirelessly add the many layers Complications of imaginations into the tapestry This universe is magical and mirrors quantum reflections -Amitav Chowdhury Continue reading The Blunt Silence-A Poem


Wouldn’t allow subverted efforts to push me toward submerged misdirections Stealthy eyes wait to pounce on those words resonating with positive feelings In this ever-expanding universe, life cannot become a clandestine affair Chronicles that reflect magnanimity of life will always be relevant through ages Challenges and conflicts flare up quite often, but compositions remain unscathed ~Amitav Continue reading Unscathed

A Perfect Poem

The idea of a perfect poem is labyrinthine Like seeking the perfect reality Illicit sentences disqualify the emotions Serpentine lines speak malevolently Bitter judgment of a debilitating mind Rebellious, they disown any rationale Dark matters have been puzzling Poem wishes freedom  Eagerly waiting to express them Without the hawkish eyes Nibbling away the truthfulness None have to disown life To seek a perfect poem Journey … Continue reading A Perfect Poem

Lost Trails

The lines end abruptly Sacrificed emotions smeared in burnt brown Words forced to be at the pyre Parched papers not succulent anymore Eyes have drifted to contemporary busyness A lacquered pen has lost its fierce creativity Fallen off the curled edges of agony Smouldering heart seeks solace in anonymity Vast verses will be composed Entire universe will be accommodated Walk between the lines  To discover … Continue reading Lost Trails

The Verses

When verses echo in the sky before they wish to rain on a parched heart Breath says, “Ah”; messages from the world beyond flares in brilliance Clouds of doubt is expunged from the entire dimension of thought space Paradise once that was feels the embrace of winds with ethereal fragrance  Eternity is not a dream anymore when voice identifies with celestial rhythm Sonorous sentiments fill … Continue reading The Verses

In Depths

Searching for unfathomable depths between the lines Allowing me to linger across the fluid space to test my imagination Verses overflowing with feelings as they flow eagerly to this confluence Soaking in the idleness in earnest to perceive an unknown world Faint lights that filter through waves of sentiments illumine dark spaces Poetical extravaganza foretells the opulence found in rare depths Affluence of creativity will … Continue reading In Depths

Verse Feelings

Feelings find an escape to transform into verses Messages of the heart simplified and written softly with care Strange ruminations from silent readings give new meaning Communicating from cell to cell, life’s flow may take an unexpected turn Simple verse has depth of life; unfathomable life’s eternity Composed line may inspire but their true meaning always remain an enigma Knotted nerves can untangle to release … Continue reading Verse Feelings