If they are not Broken

It’s difficult fixing the broken imaginations Exists without much assessment, but their stillness is unnerving Swerving through life’s errands in compulsive dedication Sudden feeling about those imaginations during the recesses Lean moments twists them into the mind into various shapes  It feels to ecstatic to be busy with the idea of hectic times These small luxuries of quietness bring in frantic vibes Most of the … Continue reading If they are not Broken

The Unsaid

The unsaid is often the truth Held so closely to the heart Mirrored through subtle gestures Listen to the unsaid Closely, with an intuitive mind Then what is said? Half-hearted attempt to convey The messages one wants to hear Not necessarily the truth Oft spoken to please With an ulterior motive Oratory and skillful obfuscation Wins over gullible heart Look closely- the body language Says much … Continue reading The Unsaid