If we could really see How many can really see through the barriers? Only the loudest colours appeal to the eyes There is that trembling within Warning of the misguided brightness Painted over all the lies and misdemeanours Time corrodes the surfaces It takes patience to see the misfortune Over which the dreams were resting How many pause to see even that? Repugnance on faces … Continue reading Unseen

What’s In that Reflection?

If it was not your reflection that surrendered to other reflections With little persuasion, it decided to transform into another character Stealing a part of you and running away with some precious emotions Yes, reflections on deceitful areas, already on a decline, can be irritating Once yearning to travel away from the being, the repetitive reflection Of which you were born with from the designs … Continue reading What’s In that Reflection?

Strange Time

Unclaimed dreams, maybe, someone abandoned them When the Earth was dimly visible, but the Universe transforming There is a clamour for darkness from lethargic homes Unawakened, uninterested, during a period of uninspiring reality There is less sparkle in the eyes; it has become a lonely dreams Is there anyone who would like to fidget with stranger realities Outside they float around like an apparition trying … Continue reading Strange Time

What Affects the Images

Traces of narcissism creeps in like a shadow chasing the individuality It’s not a matter of vision anymore but the image being diluted by accompanying thoughts Experiencing such involvement from the unwanted perspectives feels depressingly monochrome Pantomimes speak of the inner turmoil dealing with crass interferences The promotions, the mystification of the unnecessary, and epic failures Leave it not to the privileges of using those … Continue reading What Affects the Images

With Illusions

Betraying an illusion convincingly does give that thrill of usurping the given moments Here, eternity has a wry smile; looking at the silliness of such unrealistic exchanges Communicating vigorously with a language of comfort, but not necessarily truthful Elongated pause and excuses dance around the mirage in the midst of nowhere Reality transforms into a chase of phantom thoughts planted by distorted reflections Yet, time … Continue reading With Illusions

Fusion of Nature

Eyes glide over the flow Unable to turn away from the gaze Reflections look different in churnings What a mesmerising blend of nature With feelings birthed from isolation Change unfolds so rapidly Interesting stories emerge from ripples Azure eyes contemplate over change Wandering emotions enroute Sound affairs of the heart and mind Discussed intimately with echoes Horizon bend so eloquently The sparkles of life are … Continue reading Fusion of Nature


Looking intensely at the thorns they blur and absorbed by the heavy background Finally, the rose becomes the cynosure and eyes illuminate with its colour and kaleidoscopic reflections This is possibly the secret portal to heavenly valleys and time has come to shift toward a new dimension Symmetry of a flower and the freedom the petals exude energises the subliminal world Sudden realisation of beauty … Continue reading Focus