Eyes Struggle

All that is yonder, the eyes struggle to identify their reason Require attention too, but the weather has become murkier Eyes cannot open wider, they are not much wiser either Mysteriously blanketed mind anticipates foul times to intensify Sun is bright, but its temper is harsher compared to epochs Pushed further away from the comprehension of keen mind Out of sight does mean the heart … Continue reading Eyes Struggle

Thoughts Without Words

Falsely detained by the unscrupulous thoughts Such profanity towards freedom smothers the world Disdain and cynical eyes look at life jealously Pity for the imprudent adventures Dear love and love that loses itself in a giant void Words too many, unnecessarily stymie the emotions Sorrowful sentiments in a spherical conundrum Running of men towards the illusions Looking for truth in the fatal mirage ~Amitav Continue reading Thoughts Without Words


Tucked away in the forgotten folds of antiquity Still holds true, the time, which surrendered unwillingly Memory wishes to get closer but fears the indifferent silence Sometimes, silence can feel hostile to the talkative mind Losing oneself in the tide of seasons wrinkles the skin Before nothingness calls, the inferences imprison  Hoping for clarity amidst evaporating essence of life Wishing for transient dreams do not become … Continue reading Searching


Eyes scream; witnessing the fragmented images of Earth Disoriented shards threaten to pierce the bubble  Anticipating such a catastrophe through stringent vigil Clarity pushes an era of gloom towards the precipice Feud has created innumerable abysses across existence Loneliness and sinister ambitions influenced desires Trying to gauge another human with abhorrent glances Hollowness created a ruckus with lusty eagerness Abysses are staring greedily at those … Continue reading Chasm

The Healing Sound

The mellow humming sound was distinctly audible, but the origin was inexplicable. It encompassed the entire dimension and was reverberating all around. The sound waves were playful and brought a sense of rare freedom and happiness. All of Nature’s beings and the wilderness became silent, trying to fathom the unusual sound; giving more emphasis on the distant phenomenon. It stirred the void that existed earlier … Continue reading The Healing Sound

To Fulfill the Void

When you have poured your thoughts Across the blank pages, with the hallowed ink You feel a sudden void within your heart Urging the soul to look for another journey Uncharted territories and the mind’s turbulence Will be enough to propel you further in the search It’s the wanderlust streak of the writer Journey after journey, wanting to explore more Beyond the horizons, celestial boundaries start … Continue reading To Fulfill the Void