Of Emptiness

An empty crucible cannot be emptied further Even a feeble wind sets it into a coerced motion Swaying with an empty stare without any care Rare streak of resistance cannot stop its journey A facade of being carefree and untroubled  Fools the eyes, but the ears do not miss the murmur Of emptiness it bothers about in a lonely corner A world that grumbles about … Continue reading Of Emptiness

The Cauldron

The cauldron full of negative potion Raging fire beneath brings it to a boil Toxic fumes incapacitate the consciousness In the haze of insecurity and turmoil Obfuscating the breath of fresh air The original roots are withering away As the strong potion of negativity flows deep Vitiating the very source of life’s origins Weaknesses and fault lines are visible Life is left vulnerable from the … Continue reading The Cauldron